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Mailbox Registration Uploads

In order to have full access to your account we will need you to 3 steps:

*IMPORTANT: We cannot receive your mail until we receive all required documents by the USPS Regulation. Mails received before all processing is completed will be returned to sender or disposed.

* Add authorized recipient name: 5 authorized recipients are included on the plan and $10 per additional recipient from 6th.

  • Register Company name: need to upload a business document that shows the company name. Write your company names on #9 of Form 1583 if you have company. 

  • If you have additional businesses, write their names on #12 or 13. 

  • Register additional Person name: need at least 1 ID  per each recipient and must write the name with provided ID number on #12 of Form 1583.

  • And sign on #16 and scan & upload here.

(STEP 2) UPLOADS : 2 IDs & Form 1583
Upload File
Upload File
(optional) Upload Company Document
Upload File
FORM 1583 

Download and Fill out

Form 1593

Notary your signature



Upload Notarized 1583

Upload or Mail us to

Bizzy Box (your name)

16060 Ventura Blve. #110

Encino, CA 91436

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