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Traveling abroad? Need to renew your passport? Bizzy Box can make your preparations more convenient.

Come into Bizzy Box to have your passport photo taken and submit your passport renewal service. Our photos meet all requirements for U.S. passports and most other photo identification cards.

Passport Photo
  • 2" x 2"

  • No Glasses

  • Earrings are okay

  • No hair pins or hair bands

  • Hair cover for religious purposes is okay

more details for US Passport Photo

  • Must bring Guide for the photographs




*some useful third party links are below.

Passport renew


We accept who renewing by mail using Form DS-82 if your most recent passport:

  • Is submitted with your application

  • Is undamaged (other than normal "wear and tear")

  • Was issued when you were age 16 or older

  • Was issued within the last 15 years

  • Was issued in your current name (or you can document your name change with an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order)

If any of the above statements do not apply to you, you must Apply in Person using form DS-11.


1. Fill Out Form DS-82

2. Submit your Most Recent U.S. Passport

3. Include Name Change Documents (if applicable):

If the name you are currently using is different from the name on your most recent U.S. passport, you must provide a certified copy of the legal name change document. Examples include:

- Marriage certificate

- Divorce decree

- Court-ordered name change document

Your name change document will be returned to you in a separate mailing from your new passport.


4. *Provide a Photo (*Bizzy Box does it for you :))

Attach one photograph to the application. To avoid processing delays, be sure your photo meets all the photo requirements.

Please note:

- Staple the photo to the application. Please use 4 staples vertically in the corners as close to the outer edges as possible.

- Do not bend the photo


5. Calculate Fees (source: )

Include the fees in the form of a personal check or money order. 


ROUTINE SERVICE : 6-8 weeks processing time

Passport Book ----- $130

Passport Card ----- $30

Passport Book & Card ----- $160

EXPEDITED SERVICE : 2-3 weeks processing time

Add $60 more

* Fill out your application and collect your documents.

* Be sure to include the $60 expedite fee in addition to the normal application fee.

* Clearly mark "EXPEDITE" on the outside of the envelope.

  • Make checks or money orders payable to "U.S. Department of State." 

  • Please print the full name and date of birth of the applicant on the front of the check or money order.

  • Do not send cash. We are not responsible for cash sent through the mail.

  • Expedited Service $60.00 additional charge.  Only available for applicants in the U.S.


6. *Mail Completed Application (*Bizzy Box does it for you :))

Mail your completed application, including your most recent passport, name change document (if applicable), photo, and fees, to one of the addresses below.

Routine Service (If you live in CA, FL, IL, MN, NY, or TX):

                National Passport Processing Center
                Post Office Box 640155
                Irving, TX 75064-0155


Routine Service (If you live in any other state or Canada):

                National Passport Processing Center
               Post Office Box 90155
               Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155


Expedited Service (additional fee applies):
Write "EXPEDITE" on the outside of the mailing envelope.

                National Passport Processing Center
               Post Office Box 90955
               Philadelphia, PA 19190-0955

*Source from third part web site "".

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