Framed Prints

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Framed Prints

  • Introducing our Framed Prints. These elegant and handsome frames have genuine wood styling. However, they are constructed of an eco-friendly recycled polystyrene material. More lightweight than real wood frames and are much more durable in all climates.

    Features: 3 frame styles: Bronze Black, Silver, and Wood.


    *Please, email the artwork to:



    • Recycled Eco-Friendly PolyStyrene
    • 3/16" foamcore backing
    • Print material is Adhesive Vinyl + Matte Lamination for protection
    • Hanging hardware included


    Note: Framed Prints require 1” safety margin from each side. Please keep all critical elements (text, images, graphic elements, logos, etc..) 1” away from edges.

Lovingly designed in Los Angeles.

Assembled in California.

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