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Can more than one person share a mailbox?

Yes. You may add up to 4 additional names from your family with a personal mailbox. Make sure to add the additional names in box 12 of Form 1583. Each person added will require their two forms of ID. Adding additional names after 30 days from signup may require an additional fee.

For business use, you may have four personal names associated with one account.

What do you do with junk mail?

We will carefully sort out and recycle or discard all junk mail, such as flyers, circulars, advertising, and catalogs that are classified by the USPS as Standard Mail. When junk mail is discarded, it does not count toward your items per month received.

Are scans included in my virtual mailbox plan?

Pictures of the outside of your mail items and Open & Scan are included free of charge, up to the monthly limit of the plan that you choose. But Open & Scan service you may request a scan of the inside content any mail item.

How much will it cost to ship mail or a package?

The cost of shipping varies by the size and weight of the package, destination, carrier, and the shipping option you choose (overnight, two-day, ground, etc.).

Is the cost of forwarding mail or packages included in the subscription?

No, the cost of shipping is not included. You will be charged to have your items forwarded. Bizzy Box will contact you via email or Phone shipping prices for any shipment you make by carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS) and by level of service (overnight, 2-day, ground, etc.), so you can choose the method of shipment that best meets your budget and timing needs. You can also consolidate mail items into one package to save on shipping.

When I have a question, can I contact my mail center?

Yes. You can reach Bizzy Box at or 818.728.1288.

Can I sign up for multiple mailboxes?

Yes. Once you complete your first Bizzy Box signup, you will get multiple digital mailbox via our website that you can manage all from your one account. You will not have to reinsert your personal or credit card information again.

Please note that you need to file another USPS Form 1583 for each new mailbox.

Do you open my mail?

Bizzy Box is approved by the USPS as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). All your mail is kept secure and confidential. We open your letter mail only if you specifically request us to scan the contents. We open packages only when you request us to take a picture of package content, or in order to ensure compliance with international shipping regulations.

What is the difference between the Beginner plan and the Standard plan?

Beginner Plan is for Personal Use only. An account with a business name is considered a ‘Virtual Business Address’ and it starts from Standard Plan and Premium Plan. But who is looking for more receiving names can apply for Standard Plan or Premium Plan.

Is there a minimum contract requirement?

No. You can get an address and pay month to month with no sign up or cancellation fees. Billing is automatically renewed unless you cancel your plan from your Digital Mailbox or contact Bizzy Box. Prepaid plans are non-refundable.

Can I pick up my mail?

Yes. For best service, we recommend that you log in to the Bizzy Box app and tap a button to schedule a pickup. You can pick up mail (during business hours) at the address location. Virtual Only Plans charge a small fee for picking up letters and/or packages. Combined with local mailbox is no charge for picking up and you have 24hrs/365days avility of pick up.

What is a mail item?

A mail item is anything that arrives in your Virtual mailbox: any letter, package, or large envelope is one mail item.

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