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Mailbox terms and agreement

Please see the following link: Mailbox Terms

Is the mailbox fee refundable?

No. Unfortunately, mailbox service fees are not refundable.

May I receive Forwarding Service when I am out of town?

Yes. We can send you your mail and packages once a week, twice a month, once a month or on your request via UPS or USPS with Shipping Fee plus $2.50 and/or supply.


What file types does Bizzy Box accept?

We only accept the following file formats: JPG and PDF (single page).

Please make sure your artwork size is the same exact size of your order. Also, please do not include any bleed or crop marks.

Should I remove Hidden Layers in my artwork?

Yes. Just like transparencies, hidden layers in artwork can have unpredictable results when printed. These results are not always visible in previews. We highly suggest that you remove any layers, objects, and effects that are not meant to appear in the final graphic or you may flatten the artwork or submit as a jpeg.

Reprint/Return Policy

Unfortunately, every once in a while an issue may occur with an order. We are all only human! If this is the case, we are happy to assist you in any way we can. If the problem occurred as a result of an error on our part, we are more than happy to replace you for your item. Check out our handy list below to determine if you are eligible for a replacement.





Our Responsibility: Oops! Somewhere along the way we made a mistake. Not to worry though! If any of the following are the case, we will take care of it for you. 

Faulty Product

If the product has a hole, stains, or manufacturing defect. 

Placement Issue

If a print is clearly crooked or off-center (>1"). 

Incorrect Image

If we printed the wrong image. 

Wrong Item Sent

If we send you the wrong garment, color or size.






Your Responsibility: Oops! Somewhere along the way either you or your customer made a mistake. If any of these are the case, its up to you to sort things out. 

Ordered Wrong Size

Customer ordered wrong size or it did not fit to their satisfaction 

Artwork Issue
Low quality print as a result of not following image requirements. (i.e. incorrect print size, resolution (DPI), color profile, or invisible pixels 

Incorrect Image
You selected the wrong image to be printed.

Replacement Request Instructions

If you believe an error has occurred due to a mistake on our part, first of all please accept our sincerest apologies! Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers is of the highest importance to us! We are happy to replace any items that we missed the mark on. 

If there is any issue with your order you must report the problem within 5 business days after the pick up date. If you do not contact us with in that time frame we will assume that your job was correct at the time of receipt.

Please follow these instructions for a replacement: 

1. Take a photo of the problem - If the problem is the print size, please show the measure using a ruler. 
2. Send an email with the subject line "Order #(Your Order Number) Replacement Request" to
3. Include the following in the email:

  • The photo(s)

  • A specific description of the issue

  • The order number

  • If there are multiple products in an order, please identify the product with the issue

Our support team will respond within 1-2 business days.

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