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Laminating Service

  • Laminating sheets turn flimsy papers into durable, reusable documents that stand up to daily use. Use the sheets to cover a set of phone instructions for your receptionist, laminate a classroom schedule for your students, or restaurant menu.

    • Protects and preserves your printed product
    • Keeps it clean and neat,extending the life of the document.
    • Style: 5mil
    • Not a Self Service <-> We make for you!



    CARD SIZE      3.5"X2" : $5.00 + Tax 

    LETTER SIZE   8.5”X11”: $8.00 + Tax  

    TRIFOLD SIZE  8.5”X14” : $10.00 + Tax  

    MENU SIZE      12”X18” : $15.00 + Tax 

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