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Open Package Service - 12 Months

SKU: PKG-Year-Open
  • 20% OFF from the regular 3 month terms price


    • Package acceptance from all shipping carriers

    • We sign your shiments for you

    • Secure storage

    • You will have enougf five(5) business days(one week) to pick up from receiving package .

    • Text and Email Notification for trackable receivings

    • Call-in Receiving Check

    Summary of Caculation for Open "6 months of Package Service":

    Processing Fee $5.00 (one time)

    Choose your plan:

    PKG Receiving Plan 12M Price (20% dc) PKG price
    PAC5: 5pkg/m $96.00 ($8.00/m) $1.60/pkg
    PAC15: 15pkg/m $216.00 ($18.00/m) $1.20/pkg
    PAC30: 30pkg/m $288.00 ($24.00/m) $0.80/pkg
    PAC50: 50pkg/m $312.00 ($26.00/m) $0.52/pkg
    PAC100: 100pkg/m $537.60 ($44.80/m) $0.45/pkg
    PAC150: 150pkg/m $604.80 ($50.40/m) $0.34/pkg
    • Any shipment over 80 lbs will not be accepted
    • Palletized shipments will not be accepted
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